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Tag: lighting design

a student focuses a theatrical lighting fixture
Theatre Education

Lighting the gym

By Jennifer Womack and Steve Nelson If you and your students work in a modern, well-equipped theatre, lighting is probably as much a part of a production as any other

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bright hazy stage light beam shines up
Theatre Education

The illuminators

By Mike Lawler The actors might wear their own clothes and put on a show in an existing space with no modification. They might shout at the top of their

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dark and stormy night painting
Theatre Education

It was a dark and stormy night

An introduction to lighting design, part one: Script analysis, research, and sharing ideas By Scott C. Parker Lighting design for the perform­ing arts is an art form unto itself. At

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girl with light
Theatre Education

Light it up

One of the most common special effects needed in theatre productions is a representation of flame. For safety reasons, a live flame is not usually an option, so we find

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