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Tag: character work

Actors on stage performing in The Addams Family.
Theatre Education

The superobjective

There’s what you want, and there’s what you really want By Jon Jory In January, we talked about tactics: the different ways you go about getting what you want. Now

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actors on stage rehearsing in plain clothes
Theatre Education

What’s going on here?

Like a detective, an actor has to start with the facts By Jon Jory What’s going on here? If you’re interested in improving your acting, you’ll need to start by

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Actors on stage performing a song from Spring Awakening.
Theatre Education

Raising the stakes

Please pass the hot sauce By Jon Jory Allright, we’re getting to the good stuff now! This is the curry powder, the paprika, the hot sauce of acting. No more

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A group of actors downstage holding up a single actor in a cheerleading pose, in front of actors dressed as cheerleaders dancing upstage.
Theatre Education


How to get what you want By Jon Jory Let us begin the new year with a fifteen second review of the acting basics that we’ve covered in the last

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