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Racial Equity Plan 2024 Progress Report

A group of diverse students performing at ITF

Making Strides in Theatre DEIA

As an anti-racist organization, EdTA is committed to making theatre education and every aspect of our operations as inclusive as possible. In addition to our Anti-Racism Statement and internal training, we’ve also focused on building an action plan to accurately track and assess the strides we’re making.

“We have come to learn and embrace the notion that committing to antiracism work is an act of love,” says Dr. Jennifer Katona, EdTA Executive Director and ETF President. “The process forced us to look inward as an organization to name our areas of opportunity and allowed us space to think boldly about how we can continue to push ourselves and the field of educational theatre toward racial equity.”

Our Approach to DEIA Strategy

With goals through 2025, our Racial Equity Plan acts as a road map for our staff, board, and stakeholders to strategize and measure our DEIA achievements. For 2023, some of our work tackled:

  • Representation: From our governance to our content, providing a platform for diverse voices and perspectives to be represented.
  • Awareness: Ensuring that our members, staff, and vendors are aware of our stance, and making our commitment to anti-racism a part of all formal agreements.
  • Recognition: Highlighting and celebrating BIPOC contributions to theatre, while also creating new resources educators can use as a foundation for their curriculum.
  • Influence: Using advocacy to influence public opinion and raise awareness of BIPOC contributions to our field.
  • Community: Providing support and resources to our chapters and members to continue their work independently.

Growth and Success in 2023

What gets measured, gets done, and that’s why at EdTA we make it a point of tracking our wins and growth as a team. Some of the highlights our staff were most proud of included:

Building a Diverse Theatre Future

EdTA is committed to supporting and growing our DEIA efforts. While we’ve made significant strides in representation, awareness, recognition, influence, and community, the work is just getting started. Together, we’re shaping a theatre landscape that embraces and uplifts all voices, ensuring a richer and more equitable experience for all.


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