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EdTA Logo and Graphics Library

The EdTA Logo Library is the one-stop-shop for all official EdTA logos, including logos for the International Thespian Society, Educational Theatre Foundation, chapters, and individual troupes. These logos are intended for use by chapters, troupes, and media only.

Please review the EdTA Brand Guidelines before using any official logo. Beyond resizing, modification of these logos requires express written approval by EdTA. If you would like to use assets for any other purpose, please contact us to request permission.

Parent Organization Logos

Click each logo below to download a full set of approved graphics in multiple formats and color options.

EdTA Brand Guidelines

Use this guide to ensure proper placement and usage of any of our logos.

EdTA Icon

Our icon is used across all brands and in some cases, can stand alone to represent the organization as a whole or its individual branches.

EdTA Logo

The official logo of the parent organization. Used mostly surrounding the work the organization does for teachers and company-wide initiatives.

Chapter Logos

In each zip file linked below, you’ll find a set of approved logos in multiple color formats and color options for your chapter. You’ll also find EdTA’s branding guide.

Chapters are required, per the Chapter Agreement, to follow these guidelines in using our registered marks. Using our brand consistently will build recognition of our mission’s value with key audiences, including elected officials and policymakers at the local, state/provincial, national, and international levels.

For questions about branding materials please contact

EdTA Branded Graphics

Click each logo below to download a full set of approved graphics in multiple formats and color options.

EdTA Events Promotion

Click each link below to view and download promotional graphics for EdTA events and advocacy.