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More Ways for Teachers to Grant Student Thespian Points

Thespians singing on stage at the International Thespian Festival

Merch2020_Email_650x200_InductionPins__2_.pngGoing hand-in-hand with the just-announced extension for inducting Thespians is the need to be able to award students points when the usual ways to earn them—rehearsals and performances—are not available. This is especially true for graduating seniors and 8th-graders.

For example, if normally induction requires 10 points which are earned over two shows and in two categories, consider substituting one of the categories. It’s fine to be flexible about how many hours it takes (this year) to earn a point, including awarding points for cancelled activities for the work that was done on them.

Here are a few options and ideas, curated from the Theatre Education Community, to inspire you, and your students, for earning Thespian points as everyone stretches their imagination and ingenuity during COVID-19 quarantine.

Student playwrights can earn points for work in or out of class depending on your parameters for review.

Festival participation can be points-worthy when the activity is beyond just attending. Points credit can also be given for rehearsal time as well as for things like critiquing a streamed play, or analyzing a script.

Consider doing new work online, in accordance with copyright law to help students continue to learn as well as earn points. On the one hand publishers and playwrights are being very open to agreements to have their work used this way. On the other hand when copyrighted work, including stories being read aloud, is publicly shared on YouTube or Facebook, it is critical to carefully consider fair use.

It is always up to your discretion as a troupe director to make decisions in the best interests of your students; especially right now do what you feel is necessary to honor them in these times.


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