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ITF Performance Ticketing Guide

Thespians waiting for ITF Main Stage performances in the IU Auditorium.

The bright lights of the ITF performance stages are ready to shine on some of the most talented Thespians and high school theatre programs in the country. With nine Main Stage shows, including five titles never seen on the main stage, and 22 Chapter Select One-Acts, you won’t want to miss it.

As a reminder, tickets are included with All Access, Activities Only and Parent/Guardian Passes. Contact if you’re unsure if performance tickets are included with your registration.

Ready to secure tickets for your group? Here’s your handy ITF performance ticketing guide.

Who Can Secure ITF Performance Tickets?

When registering for ITF, whoever was designated as the primary contact for your group will be the only one with access to choose tickets for performances. Ticketing will be handled through the IU Auditorium Box Office via Ticketmaster, who will be using the primary contact information provided at registration to create an account for you.

Invitations into the ticketing portal will be staggered based on registration date. You’ll receive an email from with your assigned time and date to book tickets (based on your registration date) and your account login information.

If you already have a Ticketmaster account associated with the email you used to register for ITF, you’ll use it to log in. We recommend logging into your account well ahead of your appointed time slot to ensure you have access to your account before it’s time to select your performances. If there is no Ticketmaster account associated with that email address, one will be created for you.

Additionally, any attendees with ADA requests will also be contacted by the IU Auditorium Box Office to accommodate those requests.

Thespians waiting for ITF performances in the Musical Arts Center.

How To Make Your Show Selections

The opening and closing ceremonies for ITF are general admission, split across two performance venues, which are being assigned by groups. These tickets (along with the tickets for your selected performances) will be be included with the materials you pick up in the dorms or at the registration desk depending on your housing selection.

After receiving your ticketing link via email, you’ll be taken to a page that includes all the available ticketed performances during ITF. Be sure to explore our detailed schedule and decide what you’d like to attend ahead of time as you’ll only have 10 minutes to make your selections.

It’s important to note that Chapter Select One-Acts are now ticketed events that run concurrently with Main Stage performances. Each Chapter Select performance includes two to three one acts.

Reminder: Only choose one performance per time slot for your entire group. Ticket totals will be confirmed by IU, and any double bookings will be auto-assigned a show, causing you to lose your selected seating or preferred show choice.

The Performance Ticketing Process

Once you have your group preferences ready, it’s time to select tickets. Here’s how:

Enter the number of tickets needed.

A screenshot of the ITF performance ticketing interface
Note: If the number of tickets does not match across your show selections, you will get an error message in your cart.

Select your first performance of choice and enter the total number of tickets you’re requesting. This number should match the number of attendees in your registration group and must be used for each selected performance.

Select one performance per time slot.

Once logged in, you’ll be able to see all the performances available throughout ITF. As a reminder, Main Stage and Chapter Select One-Acts are happening concurrently, and each Chapter Select block includes two to three one acts.

Choose your seating area.

While seats will be auto-assigned based on best availability (and seats will likely not be the same for each performance), you will be given the option to select your section for performances in the IU Auditorium and MAC.

Finalize selections.

Once you’ve selected all your shows, click “Add to Cart”

After finishing, you’ll receive a confirmation email from Ticketmaster with your seating assignments for chosen performances. Important: If you miss making selections by May 30, your tickets will be auto-assigned ahead of ITF.

Tickets will be printed and distributed to primary contacts at their assigned dorm (if staying on campus) or at registration (if staying off campus).

Enjoy the Shows!

With tickets now secured, you’re one step closer to experiencing the magic of the ITF Main Stage and Chapter Select One-Acts. Attending these performances isn’t just about enjoying incredible theatre, but also supporting the hard work and dedication of the many Thespians and educators who made it happen.

So get ready to be inspired, moved, and entertained. And should you have any additional questions about ticketing, be sure to contact the IU Auditorium Box Office at


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