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International Thespian Festival Chaperone Guide

An International Thespian Festival Chaperone poses with three students

Everything chaperones need to know for an unforgettable ITF experience.

The International Thespian Festival (ITF) brings together theatre lovers from around the world for a week filled with unforgettable theatrical performances, workshops, intensives, and time with exhibitors.

While the ITF mobile app makes it easy to build their day-to-day schedule, with so much to do and plenty of excitement, our Thespians need a guiding hand to help keep everyone safe. 

Here we’ll dive into everything you need to know to be an International Thespian Festival Chaperone, including responsibilities, key information to help manage your students, and important logistics.

Who Can Be An ITF Chaperone?

At ITF, a chaperone is any adult attending the event as part of a group that includes students. Chaperones must be:

  • 21 years of age or older.
  • Registered for the event.
  • Utilizing the same housing as their students (i.e., if students are staying on campus, their chaperones must also be staying on campus)

All registered groups must include at least one chaperone for every eight student attendees, and chaperones may not be shared across different registration groups to meet the requirement. 

Types of Chaperones

There are two types of chaperones at ITF:

Primary Contacts

These chaperones are responsible for arranging and organizing one or more students’ attendance at ITF. Often times, this is a Thespian troupe director who is attending the festival with their students, though any adult who registers students for the festival can be a primary contact. Prior to the event, these chaperones are responsible for:

  • Registering their groups.
  • Submitting housing assignments or making hotel reservations.
  • Paying registration fees.
  • Arranging for transportation for troupes.
  • Submitting Thespy and audition materials.
  • Ensuring all background checks and emergency medical and consent forms ae completed on behalf of attendees in their registration group. 

Please update your EdTA account information and troupe roster (if applicable) at

Adult Chaperones

Additional adults can be enlisted by the Primary Contact to help supervise their group of student attendees. As stated previously, registered groups must include at least one chaperone for every eight student attendees. These chaperones provide on-site supervision and are not responsible for the pre-event tasks that Primary Contacts must complete.

All attendees aged 18 or older must complete a background check in advance of the event. This also includes any student that meets the age requirement.

Training & Responsibilities

All chaperones must complete a mandatory training prior to the event. Primary contacts and chaperones may access their training in EdTA’s Learning Center.

While on site, all chaperones have the following responsibilities. If a chaperone fails to fulfill these duties, they may not be permitted to chaperone in the future.

Primary Contact

  • Registration check-in
  • Housing check-in (dorm or hotel)
  • Managing performance tickets for your group
  • Submitting online attendance report by 12 a.m. each night

All Adult Chaperones

  • Communicating regularly with students using group text, classroom apps, group checkins/meetups, or other method of your choosing.
  • Keeping track of students’ whereabouts and activities throughout the day (remind them to take breaks to eat!).
  • Enforcing all policies within the Rules and Regulations and Code of Conduct.
  • Performing nightly room checks at curfew (11:30 p.m. each night) as designated by primary contact.

Changes for 2024

  • Nightly curfew check-ins: For your convenience, ITF will use an online attendance tracker to account for students at curfew each night. Primary contacts will confirm that all students in their group are accounted for via the online attendance tracker. No more paper forms to turn in!
  • Safety personnel: Because of the new nightly check-in process and the layout of the IU dorms, ITF will no longer have floor captains to collect check-in forms and report incidents. Instead, each dorm will have assigned dorm captains to manage attendance issues and incidents.
  • Badges: Attendees are required to wear their badges at all times for safety reasons and per university policy. Adults should not pull students’ badges for any reason.
  • Discipline: Chaperones should make every attempt to address rule violations and behavior issues within their own group. Any serious incidents requiring assistance or EdTA intervention may be reported to the ITF Emergency Line by calling (513) 516-3206.
  • Morning Court: Discipline issues will be handled in real-time rather than waiting until an adjudication session the next morning. Should a student’s behavior be reported to EdTA staff, Chief Financial and Administration Officer Sheri Coker is the final arbiter on all discipline issues.

Nightly Attendance

Each evening, primary contacts are required to complete nightly attendance forms at curfew (11:30 p.m.) Here’s how that will work at ITF 2024:

  1. After conducting room checks and/or receiving communications from your adult chaperones about your group, the attendance form can be accessed via a daily email from
  2. Click the button that corresponds with your dorm from the list of IU campus housing “neighborhoods,” and you’ll be directed to a Google Form to log attendance for your group.
  3. Complete the questions in the form and click Submit. It’s as easy as that!

Further details about submitting nightly attendance forms is outlined in the Chaperone Training module, which you can access above. In the event of an emergency, call 911 immediately. Then, alert the ITF Safety Team by calling (513) 516-3206.


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