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Introducing the All-New EdTA Callboard

A person typing on a laptop, using the EdTA Callboard

Launched almost 10 years ago, EdTA’s Theatre Education Community has become an important part of our culture. Aimed at providing theatre educators with a sense of support and collaboration (even as a department of one), it’s led to thousands of conversations ranging from choosing your next show to handling casting announcements to managing the day-to-day aspects of being a teacher. And we’re excited to announce that tradition will continue, with a bit of an upgrade.

Our Community is relaunching as the EdTA Callboard — so named because this platform is our collective bulletin board, the place for our members and friends to connect and share information. Whether it’s your first time visiting and you’re not sure where to start, or you’re a long-time user and need help navigating the changes, we’re here to help.

EdTA Callboard Intro

Finding Your Communities & Content

The first thing you’ll notice when logging in are changes to your home page and navigation. We’ve made your Callboard home the one-stop location for everything – recent discussions, followed content, your profile, and more!

The center section is the new activity feed. It’ll have the latest posts from all the communities – even from those you’re not a member of yet. However, if you’re looking for the communities and posts you’re already a part of, you’ll find them on the left-hand side.

This section of the Callboard includes:

EdTA Callboard new member interface
  • Your Profile: Click anywhere in this tile to access your profile page, where you can change your photo; add your bio, education, and job history; or link your social media accounts. Clicking the My Contributions section also gives you access to your discussion posts along with the points you’ve earned for participating.
  • My Communities Quick List: This is the list of communities you’re already a part of and can be used to quickly navigate to specific communities, like the International Thespian Festival forum. Of course, any new posts in your communities will also populate in your activity feed (the center section), so you don’t have to worry about missing anything.
  • Followed Content: This section will include any posts you’ve created, commented on, or marked to follow. It will show your most recent posts and you can also access all your activity in the Callboard by clicking “View all followed content.”

Creating a New Post

Now that you can see everything and know where all your go-to communities are, it’s time to jump into the conversation. When posting, you have a few options:

  • Select the conversation you’d like to respond to (this is also how you can see what’s been commented already), and once you land on the expanded view of the discussion, click reply on the right.
  • Visit the specific community you’d like to post in and select “start a discussion” under the featured post section.
  • Use the Create button at the top of the page. This button will always be visible regardless of where you are in the Callboard.

With the first method, you’ll always be responding directly to the discussion or comment you selected (remember, you’ll be able to find this in your Followed Content section afterward for easy access). When you use Create, you’ll need to select a specific community you want to post in.

Creating a new thread in the EdTA Callboard

When creating a new post, you’ll be limited to posting only in the communities you’re already a member of. The new activity feed will sometimes feature posts from communities you haven’t joined. But if you see something you’d like to reply to, not to worry – you’ll be prompted to join to complete your post.

Joining New Communities

Speaking of communities, now’s the time to join some new ones!

While the activity feed will help you find new places to interact with your fellow Callboard members, we also have plenty of other forums you can join. In the top navigation, you’ll see a Communities drop-down menu. This serves as another place for you to see what communities you’re already a part of and also features an option for All Communities that shows everything available for you to join.

And that’s all you need to get up and running in the new format. We hope it makes connecting with your fellow theatre educators easier and more effective. Thank you for being a part of the EdTA Callboard. We’re excited to have you here and can’t wait to be a part of all the amazing conversations you’ll have!


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