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Valerie Gargus

New Jersey

Valerie Gargus was hired by Northern Burlington County Regional High School in New Jersey in 1980 to teach English and direct the play and musical. She lobbied through the 1980s to be able to teach a theatre class that would be considered an arts course, rather than an English elective, which she succeeded in accomplishing in 1992. That one theatre class eventually grew to a full department of six courses and currently accommodates students from 8th-12th grades. Valerie earned multiple awards for her work, including induction into the New Jersey Thespians Hall of Fame, New Jersey Governor’s Award in the Arts, and Northern Burlington Educator of the Year. After retirement, Valerie continued to lead Thespian Troupe 4762 and to direct the fall play. She has also served as a member of the New Jersey Thespians Board of Directors since 2005. We’re pleased to welcome Valerie Gargus to the EdTA Hall of Fame.


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