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EdTA Professional Learning Webinar – Crash Course: Preparing Students for College Auditions

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Teachers, you’ve probably heard your students who are auditioning for musical theatre and acting programs use phrases like “prescreens”, “Unifieds” or “audition package” and you may be thinking WHAT? Or you may have had a student say to you, “Can you help me find a monologue for my college audition?” Join Laura Enstall, owner and founder of […]

EdTA Professional Learning Webinar – Advocacy with Purpose: Using Data & Storytelling for Arts Education

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The use of data and storytelling can have a positive and powerful impact on your program and arts education advocacy. Learn from Virginia arts educator and advocate Annamarie Bollino as she brings her perspective and knowledge on advocacy. Register now and be notified when the pre-recorded webinar is available on January 25! Whether you are […]

EdTA Professional Learning Webinar – Unicorn Teachers: Wellness and Stress Management

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This pre-recorded webinar will be available starting February 14th Theatre teachers are now dealing with an incredible amount of stress and trauma that is impacting the community they strive to create in the classroom and on stage. In Unicorn Teachers: Wellness and Stress Management, participants will explore compassion fatigue in the theatre arts classroom and create a personalized […]

EdTA Professional Learning Webinar – Navigating the Troubled Waters of Student Stress and Trauma

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This pre-recorded webinar will be available starting February 15th Helping your students deal with stress and trauma begins with understanding the continuum of impacts and reactions and having ready some simple strategies. Join this informative webinar to learn how to recognize a student in distress and what to do when this happens. Especially important as […]

EdTA Professional Learning Webinar – The Meisner Technique: Keys to Great Acting

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In this webinar, Acting Teacher Robyn Cohen (Artistic Director of The Cohen Acting Studio and Professional Actor), will explore with attendees the Meisner technique and its powerful foundations and fundamentals. Through a series of Meisner-based interactive exercises, teachers will discover what it means to “Live truthfully under imaginary circumstances,” and come away with a deeper […]

EdTA Professional Learning Webinar: How to Engage Students with Disabilities

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Everyone deserves access to quality education. But if you’re like most educators, you may feel ill-equipped to offer meaningful curriculum to your students with disabilities. By the end of this webinar, you’ll gain three researched-based teaching strategies, three activities and four resources you can use to create more inclusive, more effective learning environments for students […]