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EdTA National Conference Grant Recipients 2017

Thespians singing on stage at the International Thespian Festival

The Educational Theatre Association has awarded four members with the EdTA National Conference Grant for Theatre Educators in support of professional development. This grant was developed to: assist EdTA members in reaching a higher level of professional achievement by participating in EdTA’s National Conference; assist EdTA members with the cost of professional development and create access to valuable continuing education and networking opportunities; and enhance the knowledge and skills of experienced theatre educators so that they can better contribute to their school, students, and the profession. The following members were awarded the 2017 grant:

  • Lindsay Shields – A Thespian alum, Shields is an educator at Flushing High School in New York and Director of Troupe 7892. She was recently elected Chapter Director of New York and is excited to attend Conference as she hopes, “to gain more confidence in my craft so I can pass the information on to others in my state who might not have the ability to attend.”
  • Steven Rahe – Rahe is a full-time theatre teacher at Western Middle School for the Arts in Louisville, Kentucky. When asked about the benefits of attending Conference Rahe said, “I find opportunities to connect with drama teachers affirming, exciting, and joyful. I would love to experience that surge of energy this fall in Nashville, particularly as a relatively new full-time public school teacher.”
  • Barbie Spears – A 26-year veteran teacher, Spears is currently a theatre educator at Booker T. Washington High School in Pensacola, Florida and Director of Troupe 3935. By attending Conference she hopes, “to learn more about STEAM and about how I can invigorate my teaching by using more technology and exposing my students to ideas in different ways.”
  • Scott Ferrell – Ferrell is a theatre teacher at Blytheville High School in Arkansas and Director of Troupe 2033. With a BFA in design, he is looking forward to attending workshops and making connections with other teachers in order to improve upon skills necessary to help his students.

In addition to the grants for theatre educators, The Educational Theatre Association has awarded a pre-professional member, Kaitlyn Etter, with the EdTA National Conference Grant. Etter recently earned a Master of Arts in Teaching and is a Thespian alum from Troupe 2129 at Claremont High School in California. She will begin her first teaching job in the fall and is excited to attend Conference in order to “continue to build my skills and my “tool box” as a future theatre educator.”

Both grants cover EdTA National Conference registration and one professional development intensive seminar fee.


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