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EdTA is Matchmaking for Disaster Relief Support

Thespians singing on stage at the International Thespian Festival

Statement from Executive Director Julie Cohen Theobald: We continue to extend our thoughts, concerns, and best wishes to all affected by natural disasters, from hurricanes to wildfires. We know that the true impact and need assessment is far from being realized and that the focus right now is everyone’s immediate safety. Please take care of yourselves and each other.


In an effort to facilitate support within the school theatre community during and after a natural disaster, EdTA has made a new response form available to help match those who need support and those who are able to give support.

There are the immediate needs of money and resources that can be given and received through local and national on-the-ground relief organizations. There also will be the long-term needs that won’t be realized for weeks, if not months.

EdTA Chief Relationship Officer Hans Weichhart says, “The long-term is where we believe our community will be able to make the biggest impact on school- and troupe-specific needs, like scripts, sets, costumes, and other theatre-specific items. Using this form will help.”

Using this form, EdTA will handle the collection of information from those in need of support and those wanting to give support.

Based on those responses, EdTA will match schools, individuals, and organizations. Once matched, it then will be the sole responsibility of those parties to arrange all logistics of transfer of goods. EdTA will NOT be providing logistical support for shipping, receiving, storing, nor distributing supplies or monies.

EdTA Director of Chapters and Communities Diane Carr says, “Our community is one of great strength, support, resilience, and compassion. We cannot thank each of you enough for all that you do for one another in times of need. Thank you!”


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