Chapter Matching Scholarship Guidelines

EdTA Chapter Matching Scholarship Guidelines


  • Matching scholarships will be awarded to seniors only. EdTA will not match or administer scholarships for non-seniors.
  • Scholarship funds must be distributed in the year they are awarded. The chapter’s portion of unclaimed or deferred funds will be returned to the chapter at the end of each year’s cycle. Deferred scholarships may be re-submitted to EdTA for matching in the year when funds are to be distributed.


  • Upon submission of chapter scholarship recipients form, which includes Chapter funded amount and EdTA matching contributions as outlined below, the chapter will then receive an invoice for the total scholarship amount, less the matching amount from EdTA:
    • Dollar for dollar match, up to $1,000 (i.e. Chapter has $400 for scholarships, so EdTA matches another $400, totaling $800 for scholarships)
    • $1,000 for any amount equal to or greater than $1,000 (i.e. Chapter has $5,000 for scholarships, so EdTA gives $1,000, totaling $6,000 for scholarships)
  • Students will receive a Scholarship Recipient Information Form by May 15.
  • Deadline for students to submit completed form is June 30.
  • Checks will be made out to the receiving college/university and mailed to students’ homes beginning in July.
  • Any unclaimed funds will be returned to chapters in September after adjustments have been made to account for any necessary recalculation for the match.
  • Any funds returned by universities upon student withdrawal or transfer will be returned to the chapter.
  • Any deferred scholarships will be managed by the chapter. The scholarship can be re-submitted to EdTA for matching in the year when the student will be claiming the funds. There will be no rollover of EdTA matching contributions.

  Download Chapter Matching Scholarship Recipients form

Please send completed Matching Scholarship form to

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