"Change is inevitable, but transformation is by conscious choice." - Author HeatherAsh Amara

Message From Leadership

Since its founding in 1929, EdTA has continually transformed to meet the needs of the field: Our flagship student honor society expanded its scope internationally. We established a professional association for theatre teachers. We formed a charitable foundation.

Today we’re on the cusp of another exciting transformation.

In 2023, EdTA and ETF adopted a three-year racial equity action plan codifying our commitment as an anti-racist organization actively striving toward inclusion and belonging for all. We also began developing a new strategic plan to push us ambitiously into the future.

The plan is the outcome of a thoughtful, intentional process guided by input from our members, volunteers, boards, and staff; prospective members; and others. We started with research, then convened a task force of stakeholders to envision what EdTA should look like in the future.

The result was a new vision, mission, and strategies that center educators—because we best serve students through our vibrant community of educators.

Our vision: Building a global community of creative problem solvers, effective collaborators, and empathetic individuals through theatre.

Our mission: EdTA inspires and supports theatre educators to deliver equitable, transformative learning experiences for all.

Our three strategic pillars:

  • Investing in the individual and collective growth and excellence of theatre educators.
  • Creating dynamic student experiences that drive lifelong engagement.
  • Amplifying the value of educational theatre.

Our five cross-cutting themes—DEIA, financial growth and stability, partnerships and alliances, research and innovation, and intentional, goal-oriented communication—serve as anchors for our work toward each of these objectives.

With this framework in place, we set about operationalizing the plan. This involved evaluating all EdTA’s programs through the lens of the strategic plan, aligning our activities to the three pillars, and prioritizing efforts. To achieve the plan, we will focus more resources on our core programs and retire or remake other activities to make space for new initiatives.

ETF began its own strategic planning process in late 2023, which has focused on developing its distinct mission and strategies in support of a shared vision with EdTA.

This annual report serves to not only share the highlights of 2023, but also to report on the progress we’re already making toward our strategic goals—and ultimately transforming the organization’s impact.

To all our members, volunteers, and supporters who participated in the strategic planning process—and to all who furthered our mission in 2023 through your talents or donations: Thank you. You enable us to inspire theatre educators to transform lives, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

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Dr. Jennifer Katona

Executive Director, EdTA
President, ETF

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Krista Carson Elhai

EdTA Board of Directors

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Matt Conover

ETF Board of Trustees

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