EdTA’s professional learning site delivered the resources members needed for a pivotal moment in education.

Learning Center

In 2022, theatre educators’ focus shifted from pandemic pivot mode to supporting students in the aftermath: addressing learning loss and emotional effects in the classroom and through opportunities to participate in productions.

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EdTA continued developing resources and programming in its Learning Center to respond to those needs. By the end of 2022, the site had expanded to offer:

  • more than 450 lesson plans
  • 48 online interactive Click to Teach units with everything needed to teach in one web-based resource
  • 28 comprehensive model assessment packages in theatre and film
  • 88 on-demand webinars illustrating effective practice in theatre education
  • 16 online courses, including comprehensive “Theatre Educator Evaluation Workbook Course” which demonstrates highly qualified theatre teacher practice with video examples
  • 200-plus pages of online content illustrating standards-based education and effective theatre education practices

The value of those resources is reflected in teachers’ engagement with them: The Learning Center attracted 32,830 users who logged 55,071 visits and 123,683 page views. Roughly half of ITS troupe directors and nearly all EdTA professional members had engaged with the Learning Center as registered users by the end of the year.

2022 Teacher Resources

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