In 2021, helped a growing audience of theatre students embrace their passion, hone their craft, and enjoy all things theatre.

As the official student website of the International Thespian Society (ITS) – the honor society for middle and high school theatre students — aims to help students embrace their passion, hone their craft, and enjoy all things theatre.

From quarantine, the classroom, or the theatre, provided an outlet for Thespians to engage and learn in 2012, including:

  • Stories of Thespians and Thespian alumni doing amazing things inside and outside the entertainment industry
  • Tips for acting, directing, designing, writing, and other onstage and offstage skills
  • College and career advice for Thespians to follow their dreams in theatre and beyond
  • Fun quizzes, videos, polls, and other ways to celebrate their love of theatre (yes,’s most popular piece is a Hamilton quiz)
Hamilton Quiz sample
A sample of a quiz you'll find on, along with hundreds more articles & quizzes!

To ensure easy access for Thespians and to show the value of ITS membership to prospective Thespians (and their teachers), the site is free and open to all. This allows all Thespians to enjoy Dramatics, whereas only first-year Thespians received the printed magazine (which ceased publication in 2020 due to the pandemic).

In 2021, was visited by 256,000 users who viewed 437,000 pages — a 24% growth in users over 2020.

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