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Advocate for Theatre in Our Schools and Win a Free Show License

A group of theatre students gathers holding a sign promoting Theatre in Our Schools in 2017

March is Theatre in Our Schools Month, a joint venture between EdTA and the American Alliance of Theatre & Education (AATE). Each year, we encourage students, teachers, and theatre supporters everywhere to ramp up their advocacy efforts and shout the benefits of theatre education from the proverbial rooftops.

This year, we’ve upped the incentive for participation! Recognizing that theatre programs need a boost as they rebuild, EdTA has partnered with Disney Theatrical Productions to offer a valuable bonus to make participation in Theatre in Our Schools Month even more rewarding on two levels.

Advocate for Theatre in Our Schools First…

Using the tools availabTheatre Troupe posing with a #TheatreInOurSchools paper in their Cinderella t-shirtsle to you in the TIOS toolkit (and any others that you create), formulate a robust advocacy plan addressing four key areas:

  1. In your school;
  2. In your community or school district;
  3. In the media;
  4. With your elected officials and policy makers.

EdTA encourages every theatre student, teacher, and supporter to advocate for the positive impact of theatre in education to as many people as possible. Get creative. Generate excitement! Keep theatre alive in our schools!

… Then Bring Home a Reward!

Thanks to the generosity of Disney Theatrical Productions, this year’s TIOS Outstanding Impact Award comes with a valuable prize. Using a revamped score sheet, troupes can earn points for increasingly robust and publicly visible TIOS advocacy campaigns.

As a reward for exceptionally remarkable campaigns, the highest scoring troupes will receive the TIOS Outstanding Impact Award, which includes the rights to perform a Disney show for free, among a host of other complimentary items provided by Disney.

“We’re grateful to Disney for partnering with EdTA to offer such an impactful reward to schools that go above and beyond to advocate for theatre education,” said Matt Curtis, EdTA’s Content and Marketing Director.  “In an era when many programs need to rebuild, the combination of top-notch advocacy work and the opportunity to perform a Disney show for free is a win/win for theatre education as a whole and for the troupes who work the hardest to preserve its presence in our schools.”

Get the details on how you can participate in Theatre in Our Schools Month and check out the Outstanding Impact Award score sheet so you can craft your own campaign and earn maximum points. Award submissions will be accepted March 1 through April 15, 2022.


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