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Advocacy Leadership Network

Members of the Advocacy Leadership Network in front of the nation's capitol building in Washington D.C.

Join our network of theatre education advocacy champions around the country.

EdTA’s Advocacy Leadership Network is a grassroots group that promotes and advocates for K-12 theatre education to school board members, administrators, legislators, and other critical decision makers. Here’s how to get involved.

ALN General Membership

Any EdTA member can join the ALN — and we hope you will because we need your voice! Being part of the ALN gives you the tools to support EdTA national advocacy efforts as well as your own local and/or state projects and campaigns. 

All that’s required for ALN general membership is to participate in a training course, attend one monthly zoom meeting annually (of course, we hope you’ll join more!), and to communicate with ALN leadership and your local chapter about your efforts.

As an ALN member, you can participate in committees that do advocacy work such as:

  • state advocacy days
  • state licensure for theatre educators
  • federal funding for the arts
  • impact of divisive concepts laws such as the “no drag” bill in Tennesse

ALN meetings occur the last Tuesday of the month at 8 p.m. ET. If you’d like to join a meeting, please contact us for more information and a zoom link using the button below.

ALN Advisory Board

The advisory board consists of veteran advocates within the ALN who lead monthly meetings and commit to supporting at least one of these four advocacy goals:

  • Promote funding for district/school theatre and other arts programs in the 2023-24 school year.
  • Publicize Theatre in Our Schools Month.
  • Facilitate a school, district, or state theatre and/or arts advocacy day.
  • Create an independent advocacy campaign based on a specific issue, policy, or legislation impacting equitable access to theatre education in a school, district, or state.

Current advisory board members are longtime ALN who coordinate closely with chapter leadership on state and local advocacy activities, and lead committee work on topics like those described above.

If you want to help support the important work to sustain and elevate theatre education locally, statewide, and nationally, please consider joining the ALN.

Advocacy Help

Have an advocacy need or a question? Wondering about policy, legislation, or issues in your region, state, or district? Contact us, and we’ll connect you to an advocate.

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