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Let EdTA send your message directly to our engaged student or professional audience. EdTA will send your prepared HTML content on your behalf. Submissions require three preferred send dates to optimize your placement within EdTA’s email marketing schedule (default sent dates are Thursdays, but alternate dates can be scheduled based on availability).

Teacher Audience

  • 4,749 Average Reach
  • 35.21% Average Open Rate
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Student Audience

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Sponsored articles offer a great way for your company to establish authority in your field and to become a thought leader for students and teachers. Your content will appear alongside articles, how-to guides, interviews, and interactive content on


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Rates & Specs

Sponsored content should be:

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Sponsored content will include:

  • “Sponsored Content” label in the page subhead
  • A disclaimer at the conclusion of the article
  • Company name byline linking company text bio
  • Article featured in prime location on homepage for up to 3 weeks
  • 1 Dramatics Digest or Teaching Theatre newsletter feature
  • 1 social media post


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