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Request Royalty Adjustments

Request Royalty Adjustments

As a benefit of ITS membership, the royalty reduction program assists troupe directors in applying for discounted rates on royalties for upcoming productions through cooperating play publishers. To apply, submit the form below.

Note: One resource for determining the official title, author, and publisher of a play is

Application for a royalty adjustment may be made only when the school:

  • Has an active ITS troupe in good standing with the ITS national office, and
  • Is low income or economically challenged, i.e. Title 1 schools, or
  • Has no arts budget, or
  • Has a new theatre program (less than one year), or
  • Is rebuilding due to an “Act of God,” or
  • Is producing the play under other extremely difficult or unusual circumstances.


This application may NOT be used for:

  • Musicals of any kind from any publisher.
  • Certain excluded authors, i.e. Neil Simon, David Mamet, etc.
  • Offsetting other production costs, i.e. set, venue rental, costumes, etc.
  • Offsetting low anticipated or actual attendance, including roped-off seats and non-admission charges.
  • Offsetting previous production losses.


The publisher alone will determine if a royalty adjustment can be made. Submitting an application does not obligate the publisher to make an adjustment. ITS will only forward applications to publishers if they meet the above criteria. This service is performed free of charge by the International Thespian Society with the cooperation of generous play publishers in support of theatre education.

If an adjustment is granted, the publisher will contact the troupe director with details. The adjusted fee is payable to the publisher at least two weeks before the opening of the play; otherwise the adjustment is no longer available.

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