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10 Skills that Every Theatre Student Learns

JumpStart Theatre troupe performing Finney Town - a group of ethnically diverse actors on stage

Theatre students:

  • Critically think and problem-solve artistic, academic, and life challenges in both conventional and unconventional ways.
  • Communicate in a variety of playmaking contexts to convey their own ideas and to interpret the ideas of others.
  • Collaborate to cultivate diverse ideas, solutions, and common goals, both onstage and backstage
  • Create personally meaningful theatrical stories generated from a range of sources and ideas.
  • Innovate and investigate through different approaches to traditional ideas to create new understanding of existing artistic work, historical facts, and cultural norms.
  • Evaluate information to reflect on its personal and artistic value.
  • Adapt to changing circumstances in a variety of artistic and personal situations.
  • Self-direct to manage their own learning goals and improve as theatrical artists.
  • Empathize with peers to build respectful and effective socially and culturally diverse teams working towards a common goal.
  • Lead to build trust, demonstrate integrity, and inspire others to model ethical behavior that benefits their school and broader community.


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