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  • photo not available

    How long do you wait before doing a show again?

    Posted in: Open Forum

    I am in a rural, extremely conservative district, and I struggle to find plays that are acceptable for us to produce (no language, controversial situations, etc.). To clarify in your minds just how... More

  • Aileen Zeigler

    Shrek and the Dragon

    Posted in: Open Forum

    Hello all! We are contemplating Shrek as our musical this year and I'm wondering about some of the technical challenges. How did you all present the dragon? Did you rent, construct etc? How many... More

  • Alan Strait

    School Program Websites

    Posted in: Open Forum

    I've been slowly getting my administration to allow us to create a website dedicated to the theatre program. Two questions out there, one, what are some of the preferred servers out there, they... More

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  • Jessica Harms

    Fears at the EdTA Conference

    I went into school on Monday to complete our theater inventory and set up our repertory light plot for the school year....

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