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Justification toolkit

The Educational Theatre Association supports your commitment to teaching by offering quality professional development opportunities.

Professional development for educators benefits students and communities. But budgets are tight and extra money for continuing education can be hard for many school systems to find. Making the case to an administrator about the importance of professional development can help you get the training you need to make your classroom and your program strong, vibrant, and transformational for students. How does your work as a theatre arts educator advance student learning and the mission of your school? Demonstrating how an event aligns with your school’s learning goals and objectives can help you secure administrator support for your attendance.

Below are five steps for effectively expressing your need for the excellent professional development and other opportunities available at the 2014 EdTA National Conference.

  1. Identify the most important goals and strategies being addressed in your school today.
  2. List all of the contributions the theatre arts program has made to these primary goals and strategies.  
  3. Review the Conference section of As information becomes available, identify the keynote speakers, artists, networking events, and workshops on emerging research, knowledge, and technologies that will support your school’s goals. 
  4. Download the Encouragement Letter from the Conference library. This letter from EdTA Executive Director Julie Woffington is intended to help encourage the support you need to make your case. 
  5. Use what you learn. At Conference you will gain: proven practices for helping students achieve 21st-century goals of developing creativity and innovation, strategies and tools for developing theatre skills, greater expertise in interdisciplinary learning, resources, curriculum, and program ideas that will help your school meet the future, and an update on the 2014 National Core Arts Standards by NCCAS writing and leadership team members.