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Welcome to the Theatre Education Community: building knowledge in the field of theatre education.

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Latest discussions

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    RE: You're a Good Man Charlie Brown

    Posted in: Open Forum

    BIG surprise for me. MOST of my students did not know Charlie Brown or Peanuts. We grew-up with this iconic cast, but most of the kids don't read ANY newspaper comics and of those, few recognize CB! Those that DID recognize the strip did not make...

  • Adam Moreno

    RE: online podcasts

    Posted in: Open Forum

    Due to the million options that are out there, technology can be a little confusing. My advice to everyone is...don't get overwhelmed, don't give up, and keep exploring until you find what works best for you and your students. Here's a great article...

  • John Perry

    RE: What does a theatre class need

    Posted in: Open Forum

    I would recommend going all LED. It's "green" and there may be grants available to help with funding. Also, I am finding that slow but sure, incandescent lighting is being phased out.Right now I can not get lamps for my strip lights. While LED's are...

  • James Palmarini

    Help Wanted: Educators and Student Advocates to support the adoption of the new National Core Theatre Standards


    Help wanted: Educator-Advocates needed to support adoption of the National Core Theatre Standards On June 4,...

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  • Ginny Butsch

    Community Spotlight: Charlene Thomas

    Open Forum

    One of the main goals for our Theatre Education Community is to help theatre students...

  • Matthew Denney

    Leaving your High School Theatre Program...

    For those of you haven't guessed, I am a 2014 graduate who has spent several years in his high school theatre all...

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Margaret Perrino

A list of styles and steps with videos to help you know your Salsa from your Shuffle off to Buffa...

photo not available

RE: Musical Theatre Classes

Posted in: Open Forum

Margaret Perrino

Here are the documents handed out in the Project-based teaching workshop, as well as the power point...

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