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January Junior Troupe of the Month!

January Junior Troupe of the Month!
If you are new to Community, welcome! We are so glad to have you here.

One of the ITOs' focuses this year is to build the connection and advocacy of Junior Thespians! As you know, Junior Thespians are future high school Thespians that have the privilege to begin their journey in our society early and get valuable education of and exposure to theatre in middle school!
A big way we are following this focus is by having a Junior Troupe of the Month every single month. ANYONE can submit a nomination to the ITO by emailing us a paragraph or so about the junior troupe, what makes them unique, and what great things they have been doing.
(To submit, email either: Katie Ferchen at, or Maggie Little at

For the month of January, the Junior Troupe of the Month is...
Jr. Thespian Troupe #89126 at Owensboro Middle School in Owensboro, Kentucky

The troupe director's name is Jessica Stafford. 

To directly quote this wonderful nomination: 
"They have only been in existence for one year, but already they have made a huge difference.  In the past year, the not only attend the 2012 Kentucky Thespian festival, their first state festival, they brought a show!  Then, with the encouragement of Ben Ochsner and Craig Branch, they brought their production of The Snow Show to the Jr. Thespian Festival in Augusta, Georgia.  The production  received many accolades at this festival and the Jr. Thespians came away from the festival with new ideas and plans for the future.

This year, at the 2013 Kentucky Thespian Festival, the troupe performed Hoodie and also had seven Individual Event entries.  Of the seven, two received overall Accomplished ratings.  One monologue IE will move on to NIES in Lincoln while the duet acting piece, was showcased at our stage festival.  The scene, Santa Runs a Sweatshop, was performed by two young ladies in sixth grade! An 8th grader was named to the Kentucky Thespian Societies student board as the Web Master.

The troupe is also participating in events that allow them to give back to the community.  The ticket sales of their Christmas productions will be donated to two local charities this holiday season.  They are already learning the importance of giving back!"

This nomination was sent in by Kentucky's Chapter Director, Carolyn Greer. 

What a great troupe!!! :) 

If you have a troupe that you'd like to nominate, remember to email either Katie Ferchen at, or Maggie Little at 
You may see your nomination/troupe featured here on Community! 
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Katie Siegel February 05, 2014 9:25 pm
Congratulations Owensboro Middle School! Thank you for everything you are doing!